Instant Healthy Hair Treatment = 6 Ingredients

Instant Healthy Hair Treatment = 6 Ingredients

Healthy hair is composed of 95% protein, 3% moisture and trace elements, and 2% natural lipids. Chemicals, chlorinated and salt water, UV exposure, flat ironing, and blow-drying all can strip hair’s natural lipids, leaving hair brittle, weak and unmanageable. 12 Benefits™ Instant Healthy Hair Treatment is multi-functional and prevents and repairs hair damage with only
6 ingredients!

12 Benefits™ precise composition of natural hair lipids and UV absorbers in an ultra pure base of steam-distilled water reverses stress associated with chemicals, thermal styling and environmental exposure. When applied after a hair-color service, 12 Benefits™ seals and protects for longer lasting color results.

Formulated with just 6 essential ingredients, misting 2–3 times daily on the mid-shaft to ends (where natural hair lipids are shampooed away before these essential hair moisturizers typically extend) will dramatically reverse the aged and damaged look and feel of hair.

What will you experience using 12 Benefits™ Instant Healthy Hair Treatment?

Our all-in-one formula applied after shampoo and conditioner works to: