“Minimum Ingredients, Maximum Results” is a vision we have for our prestige multi-benefit haircare.

Behind the vision are 12 Benefits™ products, environmentally safe, hand-mixed hair treatments that contain the fewest possible ingredients to be extraordinary. Everyday hair concerns are overcome.

Our all-in-one formulations appeal to discerning hairstylists and consumers who demand the very best in salon and at home. 12 Benefits products contain essential ingredients that immediately transform hair and provide instant, visible results. Supple, silky-smooth, youthful hair is achieved.

We use only the most necessary, superior quality ingredients. Silk protein, keratin amino acids, nourishing avocado oil, noni-berry fruit, and steam-distilled water are incorporated into 12 Benefits.  These specially selected ingredients yield anti-aging hair preparations —a treatment that blocks exposure from daily aggressors, oil spray to provide thermal protection, a velvety-soft de-frizzing polish, a foaming hair wash that sets a new standard for hair cleansing —with maximum results.

12 Benefits is free of sulfates, glutens, salt, formaldehyde based preservatives, animal ingredients, and petrochemicals. 12 Benefits is not tested on animals.

Perfect for all hair textures and conditions, 12 Benefits is best suited for women with extreme quality standards—making 12 Benefits the ultimate personal luxury.

1 unique brand + 5 extraordinary products + 12 Benefits™ for every user…

12 Benefits™ Products
Instant Healthy Hair Treatment, -6 Ingredients
Rapid Blowout Argan Oil Blow Dry Spray, -3 Ingredients
Pink Addiction, -7 Ingredients
Love At First Lather Moisture Balancing Mousse Shampoo, -9 Ingredients
Conditional Love 30 Second Hair Moisturizer, -9 Ingredients

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