Hair Shows: Worth It or Waste of Time?

September 11, 2011

Salon professionals get a first hand look at the very latest beauty innovations at industry-sponsored events such as Premiere Birmingham in Alabama on September 18-19, 2011.

The decision to attend “hair shows” is one that professional stylists have debated for many years. One question everyone asks during the decision making process is: “Do I want to spend my time and money at this particular large education show versus a smaller, private education event another time?”

In defense of attending hair shows, they afford stylists an opportunity to see new companies, new products, new hair techniques, and to learn about hot beauty trends (example: feather extensions 2010). Acquiring knowledge from hair shows helps improve the craft of hairdressing, which is good for the end consumer.

In defense of NOT attending hair shows, they often attract non-beauty related vendors, who “bring the bling,” such as fake jewelers and temporary tattoo companies. As it turns out, when these companies are sold exhibit space, inevitably attendees spend significant money on these impulse items, ultimately reducing their capital investment in their salon business. Because of factors such as this, many stylists and owners decide not to attend larger trade show events.

Despite these ongoing attendance concerns, 12 Benefits will exhibit at the Birmingham show and debut its product innovation, create awareness for the brand, and promote its southeast region distributor.

Visit us at booth #2217 to learn more about 12 Benefits products.

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