The Ultimate Blowout

October 3, 2011

All women admire the look of a salon perfect blow out.  With the right tools and products, practice, and a few tips from your hairstylist, any woman can achieve a  perfect blowout at home.  No matter your hair type, learn these ten simple steps to create your best-in-class blow out.

  1. Shampoo and condition your hair using your favorite salon products.  Consider using products created for smoothing and straightening.  Use cool water to help to seal the cuticle.  Blot wet hair with a towel to eliminate excess moisture.
  2. On damp hair, apply 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment.  Work it through from scalp to ends (apply directly to hair or emulsify it in your hands).  Comb through to thoroughly distribute product.
  3. Apply 12 Benefits Rapid Blowout directly to hair or work through with hands until evenly distributed from scalp to ends.  Comb through.  Using Rapid Blowout argan oil spray protects hair from heat styling.
  4. Part your hair into 4 sections, first down the middle, then from ear to ear.  If necessary, clip sections to move hair out of your way.  If your hair is longer you may need to wrap the sections you aren’t working with into tiny buns.
  5. On the first section, point the blow dryer nozzle at the root, in tandem with your round brush, move the dryer in a downward motion along the length of the hair to the ends (move the dryer in a downward direction with the cuticle to seal and protect hair against the heat of the dryer).  The key is to keep mild tension on the hair while drying.  Doing so will keep hair straight and smooth.  If hair starts to fly away or curl, release it from the brush and try again.  It may take a bit of practice to get the right technique (ask your stylist for a demonstration the next time you visit your salon).
  6. Repeat this motion until the section is dry.  Adjust the dryer temperature to “cool”, finishing the section with cool air to set the hair.
  7. Repeat with each section.
  8. Once you have dried every section, you can use Rapid Blowout oil spray in tandem with a flat iron to smooth out any bends or kinks.
  9. If you prefer, use a curling iron to “bend” the ends of your hair.
  10. The result:  The perfect blowout style!

Extra Tip:
Mist Rapid Blowout lightly over the finished style to add a “burst” of shine to the completed style.

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