Blowout Bars

November 15, 2011

As many women are quickly learning, blowout bars pride themselves on expertly delivering just one basic, yet necessary service: you guessed it, blowouts!

Experts in hair drying services (no cuts, no color), blowout bars are enabling clients to experience chic and stylish blow dry styles at ultra competitive prices.  Even better, the price is the same no matter the length, texture or density of hair.  Some blowout bars offer additional hair services such as conditioning treatments, extensions, updos, and simple hairstyling demonstrations that include product application.

Moreover, many blowout bar salons are adopting the latest and greatest technology to make it easy for clients to pre-book their next appointment or check-out right at the styling station where services are performed.

More and more blowout bars in professional beauty are inquiring about 12 Benefits products. They support their unique service with laser focus and efficiency. Recommending 12 Benefits to clients for home use is the way to improve customer loyalty. It’s not surprising that blowout bars are choosing 12 Benefits products. 12 Benefits is simple and effective, it’s the only “all-in-one” brand that makes each blowout style perfect!

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