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December 30, 2011

Beauty bloggers usually are real women (girls too) living in the real world, with real beauty interests and real beauty habits. Sometimes their beauty blogs are sponsored by beauty companies employing “gorilla marketing” techniques to capture new users or gain trial for their products.

Beauty bloggers are just as likely to be shopping junkies looking to share a good bargain. Some like hair (we do too), others like nails, some go for makeup. Regardless of her beauty fascination, the beauty blogger seems to “dig up” an endless supply of interesting beauty items to talk about, er! blog about.

For the most popular blogger’s, her penchant for beauty has launched her career to heights beyond imagination. Her blog helps pay rent, affords traveling opportunities around the world, and provides the means to earn a living. But how does she keep it going? Build relationships with brands? Create unique content without “borrowing” from other beauty bloggers?

It takes skill and ingenuity to navigate the terrain, but in the end, it’s about creating a brand just like any other commercial product that she reviews. There must be RUIDO. RUIDO is an acronym (an abbreviation for a broader meaning) and means “noise” in Spanish: Relevant, Unique, Interesting, Different and Original. When she creates a blog that is RUIDO, she creates loyal readership while building a strong brand that attracts advertisers.

Below are the top 12 Blogs (the number 12 in honor of the 12 Benefits brand) in the beauty category as ranked by BlogRank:

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