Conditional Love = 9 Ingredients

Conditional Love = 9 Ingredients

Conditional Love™ 30-second hair moisturizing masque is an innovative hair moisturizer with only 9 purposeful ingredients that seal moisture, mend, restore hair texture, and slow the progression of color fade in less than one minute.

Conditional Love™ is blended with nourishing avocado oil, imported argan oil, and anti-oxidant rich noniberry fruit. Our specialty ingredient combination instantly shines hair, while natural fruit pectin strengthens. This unique multi-use moisturizer penetrates hair cuticles and leaves hair bouncy.

Conditional Love™ is delicately scented with pomegranate and may be used daily. Or, simply leave it in your hair when you need extra moisture. Or, use Conditional Love with heat for power conditioning results!

12 reasons why you should use 12 Benefits™ Conditional Love 30-Second Hair Moisturizer:
Hair repair masque +
Seals in moisture +
Mends +
De-frizzes +
Restores texture +
Avocado oil conditions +
Argan oil nourishes +
Fruit pectin strengthens +
Noni-berry antioxidant defends +
High gloss shine +
Hair feels bouncy +
Hair longevity ingredients keep hair youthful

Instructions for use:
After 12 Benefits™ mousse shampoo, apply to wet hair. Leave in 30 seconds. Rinse.
Important ingredients: Avocado oil, noni-berry fruit extract, fruit pectin, argan oil.

Used and recommended by the finest hairdressing salons

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