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Grapeseed + Marula Oil Trio / Nourishing Haircare Reset

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250 mg CBD healing haircare with Grapeseed and Marula oils. Our clean beauty, nourishing combination of pure plant cannabidiol and luxury repairing oils is ideal for stressed-out hair in need of ultimate care.

Our chief scientist has utilized pure CBD, derived from the cannabis plant whose rich history and healing wonders continue to be discovered. 

Combined with plant polysaccharides and natural healing oils, CBD is the comforting ingredient with soothing, anti-stress and anti-irritant actions.

CBD has traditionally worked with the endocannabinoid system to balance, regulate and restore many physical functions in the body. CBD is now being used as a natural remedy in many forms to provide relief of chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression and other conditions.

Our new botanical haircare range for hairstylists is ideally suited for dry, sensitive, troubled hair needing soothing moisture, maximum health, body and shine. 


Beauty and Wellness. Recommended by Professional Hairstylists.