Hair Perfume No. 9 = 4 Ingredients

Hair Perfume No. 9 = 4 Ingredients

Crafted with pure essential oils, No. 9 is designed specifically for hair with only 4 naturally occurring ingredients.

Because hair has natural movement and the ability to both absorb and diffuse scent, applying No. 9 to your locks creates a lasting aromatic impression.  Here, we combine sweet Violet with fresh Mango. Vegetable moisturizers nourish.

Your hair is the perfect fragrance touchpoint making No. 9 an ideal refresher for your hairstyle. Use it before you leave the house, an evening out, after the gym, between blowouts, or just refresh your hair anytime the mood strikes.

No. 9 is true to the spirit of our multi-benefit hair care brand:  modern and feminine.

12 reasons why you should use 12 Benefits™ Hair Perfume No. 9:

Pure essential oil perfume +
Specifically made for hair +
Sweet violet essential oil +
Fresh mango essential oil +
Natural grain base +
Vegetable moisturizer +
Lightweight formula +
Elegant and alluring +
Subtle yet striking +
Delicate, not overpowering +
Long-lasting +
Instant indulgence

Instructions for use:
Lightly mist Hair Perfume No. 9 on mid-lengths and ends. Refresh as desired.
Ingredients: Natural violet, mango oil blend. Grain. Vegetable derived moisturizer.

Application techniques:
1. Spray on a brush, then brush your hair.
2. Spray No. 9 into the air and walk underneath.
3. Dip forward and spritz underneath layers at mid-lengths and ends. Flip.

Used and recommended by the finest hairdressing salons 

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