“I love your hair!” is the vision we have for users of our multi-benefit salon haircare.

12 Benefits™ brand hair products are precisely made multi-functional formulas that contain the fewest possible globally sourced ingredients to rejuvenate hair effectively.

12 Benefits all-in-one products immediately transform hair and provide instant, visible results. Achieve supple, lightweight, silky-smooth, youthful hair. Our special formulations appeal to discerning hairstylists and consumers who demand the very best quality.

12 Benefits has no additives, sulfates, gluten, formaldehyde based preservatives, or petrochemicals. 12 Benefits is never tested on animals.

Our specially selected ingredients provide maximum results. We source our ingredients from around the world for the best in hair wellness:  imported silk, New Zealand keratin, avocado oil from Italy, argan oil from Africa, and plant pectin from Denmark are examples; all blended with purified steam-distilled water.

So, invite us to your next blowout. Invite us to illuminate your haircolor. Invite us to perfect your individual style.

1 unique brand + 13 extraordinary products + 12 Benefits™ for every user…

12 Benefits™ Products
Instant Healthy Hair Treatment, -6 Ingredients
Super Supplement, -8 Ingredients
Big Day Hairspray, -12 Ingredients
Rapid Blowout Argan Oil Blow Dry Spray, -3 Ingredients
Ocean Hair, -7 Ingredients
Pink Addiction, -7 Ingredients
Love At First Lather Moisture Balancing Mousse Shampoo, -9 Ingredients
Conditional Love 30 Second Hair Moisturizer, -9 Ingredients
Hair Perfume No. 12, -4 Ingredients
Hair Perfume No. 9, -4 Ingredients
MAC Platinum Blow-in Balm for Blondes, -24 Ingredients