4 in 1 / The Everything Spray

$ 30.00

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      The Everything Spray is a multi-use powerhouse that gives users ultimate styling options. Its flexible hold helps maintain any style, while lifting action gives hair great texture and bounce.

      The Everything Spray is a must have for your daily hair routine. Simplify your life with this inventive four-in-one dry spray. Unique honeycomb-shaped polymers. Featherweight consistency. 

      This spray is enriched with both oil-absorbing and cleansing ingredients that keep hair looking voluminous and clean. Absorbs oil at the roots. Plus, it has a styling booster to give hair a long-lasting, defined finish. No-fuss picture-perfect hair. 

      12 Benefits™ of The Everything Spray

      Volume + Texture + Style booster + Dry wash + Finishing spray + Dry touch feel + Absorbs scalp oil + Extends color + Refresh blowouts + Fresh scent + Body and bounce + Four products in one 

      Use as instructed on the packaging.


      Made for discerning women. Recommended by Professional Hairstylists.