30 Second Hair Moisturizer / Conditional Love

$ 61.00

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Our 30 Second Hair Moisturizer, Conditional Love™, is an effective hair conditioner that revives dry, brittle hair and seals in moisture in less than a minute. Conditional Love™ is an everyday moisturizing essential that contains just nine superb ingredients to soften and revitalize hair texture. Natural fruit pectin from Denmark strengthens and nourishes your hair for lasting shine and health.

Also blended with avocado oil, African argan oil, and anti-oxidant rich noni-berry fruit for instant shine and visible texture improvement. This multi-use moisturizer leaves hair bouncy.

Apply and use in various ways to give you ultimate flexibility for prescribed care. Apply and rinse, apply and leave in your hair when you need extra moisture, or apply and use with steam or under dryer heat for power conditioning!  Delicately scented with pomegranate.

12 Benefits™ of Conditional Love 30-Second Hair Moisturizer

Hair repair masque + Seals in moisture + Mends + De-frizzes + Restores texture + Avocado oil conditions + Argan oil nourishes + Plant pectin strengthens + Noni berry antioxidant defends + High gloss shine + Hair feels bouncy +
Hair longevity ingredients keep hair youthful

Instructions for use:
After 12 Benefits shampoo, apply to wet hair. Leave in 30 seconds. Rinse.

Star ingredients: Avocado oil, California (moisture), West Indian noni-berry fruit (anti-oxidant), Plant pectin, Denmark (strength), Argan oil, North Africa (softness).



Made for women. Recommended by Professional Hairstylists.